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The Ceilidh Crew are based in and around Lewes, East Sussex. We supply fantastic ceilidhs and barndance for private and public functions; everything from Weddings to school PTA events. We are also well known for our non-organised dancing gigs; gentle background music for a quiet occasion or a rip-roaring band for a full on party.

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The Ceilidh Crew and Lewes session

The members of The Ceilidh Crew are all very talanted and versitile musicians who regularly play together. We combine musicans together to form the perfect band for any traditional musical occasion; providing you with the choice of band size, style and instrumentation. We can supply everything from a very traditional acoustic sound to a rocking party band.

Caller Gill Emerson

Gill has been calling for dances in sussex and beyond for a number of years. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious, ensuring successful events. She has a knack of getting even the most reluctant dancers to their feet and putting a smile on everyone's faces. She calls dances from a variety of nations and is very experienced at catering for dancers of mixed abilities. She can call for specifically English, Irish, Scottish and American events but her great joy is to go with the flow and select suitable dances from around the world.

Gill is also a talented whistle player and joins the band in, between dance, tunes.

Gill personally organises the Ceilidh Crew events. She is the direct contact for all client enquiries and is happy to offer advice on creating a successful ceilidh environment.

Members of The Ceilidh Crew

Linda Game (fiddle/mandolin/keyboard)
Linda has been playing folk based music for over 20 years since she escaped from the Classical world! In addition to being fluent in a number of styles she is able to take tunes into another dimention with her stunning improvisational ability and rhythmic sense. Over the years she has worked with the American Appalachian dance team Broken Ankles and pursued other American styles - Cajun, Texas swing, Old Tyme with the band The Kitchen Girls. Both these gave regular performances at the Festival Hall lunch time concerts.

In addition to other projects she currently plays with The Fold, a Brighton based, international Folk Rock band. and Zoox, a trio with an unusual combination of instruments who play folk tunes in a very contemporary way, as well as their own compositions.

Tim Cotterall (fiddle/mandolin/banjo)
Tim is an amazingly versitile musician best know for his fiddle playing. He has a beautiful style which swings from the lilting to the raunchy. In Legacy he played Irish music with a distinctly jazzy twist. One of his main projects at the moment is accompanist to the wonderful singer and song writer Matha Tilston.

Connie Everard (double bass)
A performing musician from the age of 7, Connie is a demon player of the Double Bass. Her inspiration is rock n roll and rockabilly and her slap bass style provides a driving force which is irrisistable.

She currently plays for

Nick Peachey (accordian/5-string banjo/guitar/keyboards/vocals)
Nick Peachey is an incredibly versitile musician with a flare for the funky side of folk. His experience as a semi professional musican has included caberet, theatre, solo performances in folk club and festivals as well as in various dance bands. His dance repertoire ranges through the Celtic and old-time American traditions including cajun/zydeco to tango and swing jazz.

Sue Dubowi (guitar/vocals)
Sue's guitar playing is awsome. She uses a finger style in open and standard tunings and can provide a driving rythmic or sensitive melodic backing to any tune. Sue has been in folk bands such as Rowan and Granny takes a trip. She is now doing more solo work and has a passion for British based folk music using her guitar playing as the "other voice". She also plays banjo and a mean spoons! No music site at present but her sole EP is available from

Adam Bushell - (percussion/guitar)
Adam is a superb, classically trained percussion player whos rhythmic flare is put to good use in his guitar playing. He plays everything from contemporary classical music to folk music, and from free improvisation to funk. He has worked with many famous names including Steve Beresford, Herbie Flowers, Michael Finnissy, the Copper Family, Chris Wood, Richard Stilgoe and David Bedford. He can be heard playing with The Tacet Ensemble (of which he is founder and chairman) and with folk bands Duck Soup and Stocai, and he improvises with Vogue Gyrator, Urban Myth and Vole.

Jo May - (Percussion)
Jo draws on her knowledge of different traditions around the world, using instruments such as the djembe, bodhran, darabuka and congas. She can frequently be heard with the exciting new trio Zoox where her rhythms are the root from which the amazing music flows. She trained at the Royal College of Music and began her career working with orchestras such as the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and smaller groups including the Continuum Ensemble. A trip to Sidmouth Folk Festival sparked an enthusiasm for taditional music, and has led to her involvement with folk groups, including the ceilidh band Token Women and the European group Freyja. She is currently working with the trio, Tapatak, developing a range of exciting rhythm-based workshops for all age groups.

Reviews from previous clients of The Ceilidh Crew

Hello Gill

This is a very, very belated thankyou for being so wonderful at my party in May. You pitched the dances just right as we were a real hotch potch of beginners (me!) and pretty good and experienced dancers but everybody was happy and had a great time! I was really pleased with the party as a whole but your presence (and the musicians of course!) made it really special! I can't wait for another occasion to do it all again!

Dear Gill
I thought I'd just drop you a line to say another huge thank you for playing at Dave's birthday bash a couple of weekends ago. We all had a really amazing time and lots of people have said how great you guys were! Dave had a fantastic time and said it was one of his best days ever!

So a big thank you to you and please pass a million thanks on to the rest of the band too and tell them how great they all are!

I may be in contact in a couple of years when I turn 30 (we like a good knees-up!)

All the best P